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Your Guide in the NYC Regulatory Maze

Your Project's Success Starts Here

Nexus Consulting is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of NYC's regulatory landscape. We leverage our unparalleled experience and expertise to expedite your building code and zoning permits, ensuring your project moves from blueprint to reality smoothly and swiftly.

We offer a full-spectrum service, guiding you from project inception to sign-off. Our seasoned team works seamlessly with the Department of Buildings, Landmarks Preservation Commission, and other NYC agencies, ensuring your applications are processed quickly and efficiently.

At Nexus Consulting, we don't just expedite permits - we expedite your success.

Expert Guidance

Our Services: Your Key to Compliance and Success

At Nexus Consulting, we understand the intricate web of regulations and procedures that shape New York City's building environment. Our services are designed to navigate the labyrinth, leveraging our unrivaled experience and expertise to deliver efficient, effective solutions. Whether you're tackling a new build, renovating a landmark, or seeking to understand existing codes and violations, we're here to expedite the process. Discover the full range of our services below.

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NYC Department of Buildings (DOB)

We specialize in expediting the process with the NYC Department of Buildings. From ensuring your plans align with building codes and zoning regulations to securing necessary approvals and permits, we facilitate each step.

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Building Research

Our building research services offer value-added consulting that unlock crucial insights. Whether you're seeking to understand existing Certificates of Occupancy, open violations, or need assistance with Building Department Approved Plans, we're here to provide clarity and direction.

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Additional Agency Permits

Nexus Consulting goes beyond expediting. We offer comprehensive support in ensuring compliance across multiple agencies, from the Fire Department to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and from the Arts Commission to the Department of Environmental Protection.

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