Do you rent out your property? When you have a property you rent out, you need to stay on top of your responsibilities. Increasingly, property owners are taken to court and fined for a range of violations. There is no excuse really. You are receiving an income from the property and it is in your interest to keep it up to date. Focus on the following to avoid having these violations brought upon you.

Proper Heating and Cooling

To make sure you are not reported for any violations when it comes to heating and cooling the property, it is crucial to stay on top of HVAC systems. If an HVAC system breaks down, it is often up to the property owner to make sure it is fixed within a certain period of time.

HVAC systems need to function well. In other words, they need to keep your tenant warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Some years ago we may not have worried about the summer heat too much. But, with the current changes in climate around the world, this is becoming an increasingly important point.

Set aside money from your rental income to service and even replace the system on a regular basis to avoid violations.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Regulations relating to fire and smoke alarms change all of the time. Show your tenant that you care by having the appropriate alarms installed. Not having the right alarms in place can lead to serious violations, and give you a bad name as a property owner.

Fire regulations vary a great deal from state to state. If you are not sure what applies in your area, it is a good idea to pop down the Fire Department to ask for advice or an inspection. Inspections are often free or you pay a small contributory cost.

Mold Can Kill

Mold is often found in properties especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Some molds can cause serious health problems such as chest infections and asthma. Sure, your tenant needs to keep the property clean, but there is more to mold than using the right cleaning products.

Insulating materials and ventilation are both essential factors that play a role when it comes to controlling mold. Make sure all areas are effectively ventilated and the right kind of insulation materials are used.

Water and Energy Saving Appliances

Local authorities are bringing new laws online all the time. As many cities are now combatting the effect of pollution, it is important to think ahead. In the future, new violations could be put in place to make sure a property owner uses low energy usage appliances such as heaters, dryers and washing machines.

If you provide any of these as part of your tenancy agreement, you should check their efficiency ratings. It is always better to be prepared than to have to deal with violations and put things right.

Not only will it save your tenant, and maybe even you, money. But, it will also make sure you have a good working relationship with your tenant. Paying for violations can cost you thousands. Keeping your property up to date is the best and cheaper route to take.

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