Are you looking forward to getting a building permit for your construction project? If you’ve been through the process before, the answer just might be ‘maybe not’.

When it comes to any new construction, building permits are a huge part of the process. Getting one can mean that you’ve got the greenlight to go ahead, but not getting one can seriously mess with the timeline and deadlines of any project.

If time is of the essence, you may already be worried about your permit status. Even if you apply for a building permit and do everything correctly, you may find that the process takes longer than you wish it to. Even then it may not go quite as smoothly as you had anticipated.

When permit applications are not handled correctly, you may be looking at delays and more additional paper work that can set your project back significantly. There is usually a lot of money involved in these projects and a lot of time, energy, and planning.

You may be starting to see why getting a building permit is so important. So, are there any ways to speed up getting one? We’re diving into it today, so scroll down to read on and find out more.

Familiarize yourself with local requirements

Getting through the permit process quickly means that you’re going to have to get familiar with the requirements and general process of the local municipality that you’ll be working in.

A good understanding of what you need means that you’ll be more likely to submit an application for a permit correctly– or understand that your project does not comply with permit regulations of that locality. Whether it’s pre-filing an application or submitting blueprints, every area has different demands.

Ask for help from people that know

Getting to know your local permit office employees may be able to help you out. They know what they are talking about and having a friendly contact in the right area never hurts. The right individual will be able to advise you on everything you need to apply.

Be sure to be organized and know what you have to do. Finding out is the first step, and getting it done (correctly) is the second. If you know what forms that you need to file for a permit, then you’ll be able to get them.

Filing correctly

Filing out the right paperwork and avoiding errors is key. Be also sure to submit everything necessary, including supporting documents, so that you have all that is required to be accepted. Knowing why some permits are approved while others are denied will also help you understand what you need to do to get accepted.

Understanding local codes, zoning and regulation

You could apply for a permit and do everything right. However, if aspects of your project do not comply with the local codes and the zoning and regulations, you will get denied. Knowing building code requirements will allow you to be familiar with what flies and what gets shot down, and you can find possible problems and fix them early or even change your construction design to comply with them before submitting.

Try to focus on one project at a time.

If you have different projects going on in different areas, be sure that you’re keeping your focus. Give each project the time and attention that it deserves. Each one may have different building and permit requirements if they are in different cities or states.

Consider a unique expediting service

A permit expediting service just might be able to help you with all of your permit needs. These unique service scan help make sure that you are not delayed by helping you comply with codes and receive necessary approvals from the fire or health department.

They know the process inside and out, including all regulations for the geographic area you are in. This lets them get quicker approvals for a project due to their knowledge of which forms are needed to file, how they can be filled out correctly, what additional documents are needed, and who to get in touch with to get each of them. They’ll look at your project and point out any potential zoning/code violations that could slow down permit approval time. Check out a service near you and see what you think!

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