When it comes to your roof, no one wants to have to repair or replace it. However, it’s often necessary if you want to avoid spending more later. Wondering what you have to know when it comes to your roof?  As a home owner, you likely are already all too aware about the aesthetic and critical function that a roof can serve. So what are the benefits to finding out more about your roof before replacing it?

Be Sure to Shop For Deals

Roofers run the risk of not caring whether their customers are satisfied with their jobs because replacing a home’s roof happens usually every so often (and by that, we mean decades). Unless you live in a stormy area, you may never have cause to see them again.

While some house owners select the business they go with due to price, keep in mind that you do often get what you pay for. Low bids may not and usually will not equate to good work. They may try to hire workers for a low wage or just not be competitive enough to demand top dollar.

Get References

Be sure to get some references for people that do roofs from neighbors or people you trust. You can also go to manufacturer sites to see whether they have lists of roof businesses that you can use that are certified.

Get Rid of the Old

You can have up to two layers on the roof of asphalt shingling. If you only have one there, it may be possible to get a fresh layer installed on to of it. It’ll save you money and mess, but it will also mean that a roofer can’t repair or inspect the flashing and decking underneath.

Living in a climate that is colder may let them install a shield against ice and water. But if you have non-asphalt shingles such as wood on the bottom of the roof while you are in the attic, you might need them torn off and new decking made of plywood installed (which will cost slightly more).

Pursue Top Quality Products

When it comes to your roof, be sure to pursue only the highest quality of products. Shingles that are top quality will provide good protection and have a great aesthetic look too, adding to a sterling architectural image.

Be Sure to Focus on the Paperwork

For a quicker job, roofing may require paperwork and documents. You’ll need three essential documents. This will likely include a building permit, written contract about the project (covering costs, product, and other details), and a letter going from you to the insurance carrier of the contractor that confirms that the project will be covered under a compensation/liability plan of the roof worker/business.

Ask About the Magnet

Roofing getting stripped off means that thousands of nails might come out onto your grass, driveway, and places like that you don’t want tons of nails. Be sure that they have a magnetic tool to help get them out, because that will be major.

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