The Client

Target had an ambitious project. They needed to renovate eight of its high-traffic locations across Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens in New York City. Being the retail giant that they are, they couldn’t risk losing revenue during their projects. Their main objective was to ensure these stores remained code-compliant while minimizing disruption to sales during the process. Given the significance of these locations, Target needed to obtain and close out permits fast.

The renovation project was focused on compliance but walked a tight line to stay consistent with codes and aesthetics. Target has a strict set of requirements for their stores' visual and design aspects. Their team knew they needed professionals to handle the process if they wanted to do this right.
The Problem
The last major upgrade for these locations was over 20 years ago. This renovation would be a significant undertaking. The work, primarily focused on food and service areas, would be done at night to minimize disruption. These areas, classified as accessory use, occupied no more than 10% of the overall space but were crucial for their customers.

Target, as a public corporation, had stringent corporate policies regarding transparency and compliance. Specific requirements, such as installing plastic shields in food vendor booths, needed to meet both DOB accessibility rules and Target's design criteria. The project required the team to coordinate general construction, plumbing, sprinkler, and mechanical work permits. 


The Solution

Target, after comparing multiple permit consultants, chose Nexus Consulting to help with their project. Together with their team, Nexus would help Target develop an effective filing strategy to get started with construction. First, Nexus decided to file via professional certification, which allowed them to bypass the standard review process in exchange for potential audits, expediting the approval process. Nexus meticulously reviewed plans to ensure compliance with both DOB regulations and Target's design standards.

Nexus obtained after-hours permits to minimize disruptions, enabling work during evenings and weekends. Their deep understanding of the building code was instrumental in advising Target to align their renovations with DOB rules while maintaining their design integrity. This involved providing specific code citations compliant with DOB regulations and Target's standards, which took extensive cross-checking and due diligence.


The Results

Overall, the permitting process took under three weeks to complete. Then, Target had all the go-aheads to begin with construction. Their thorough preparation and diligence before filing led to applications being approved quickly and on the first submission. The construction was carried out during nights and weekends, spanning five months in total. 

Currently, the sign-off process for four of the eight projects is underway, with the remaining four nearing completion. This phased approach allowed Target to continue its operations with minimal disruption. This helped it keep to its high customer service and store experience standards.

Successfully renovating Target's NYC locations went fast and easily in the hands of professionals. Nexus Consulting saw first-hand the difference expert guidance in navigating complex regulatory environments can make. That ensured that a large-scale project like theirs got done both fast and right.

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