Washing hands with soap and warm water and using hand sanitizers are simple activities that many people take for granted when in the office. However, following the Coronavirus outbreak, it turns out that these “simple acts” have become more important than ever. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies are urging businesses to update their in-office policies in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. One of the policies business owners have is to look at revolves around their cleaning practices. Here are a few points we need to look at:


Remind everyone to wash hands regularly

Besides urging people to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, you should post signs in the office reminding everyone to wash their hands with soap and warm water regularly.  

Experts say washing hands appropriately for at least 20 seconds can help subdue the virus quickly and reduce possible infections. Remember to dry hands thoroughly since the virus may spread rapidly via moisture.

Beyond that, employees can wash their hands using an alcohol-based sanitizer. For this solution to be effective, the sanitizer should contain anywhere between 60 percent and 90 percent alcohol.


Wipe surfaces in one direction

One of the biggest mistakes we often make when cleaning the office is wiping down surfaces such as workstations, desks, doorknobs, and countertops in a back-and-forth or circular direction. 

As you might notice, this practice is extremely counterproductive, as it re-deposits the germs you washed away a few seconds ago. The ideal way to go about it is to wipe all surfaces in one direction and avoid going back over them in the opposite direction to prevent depositing the germs again.


Clean your tech devices

A 2016 tech study by Dscout discovered we touch our phones 2,617 times a day. It seems we are so attached to these tech devices and we can’t live without them. 

Nonetheless, touching your phone multiple times could be a health hazard, particularly during this time. Apparently, disease-causing pathogens thrive on tech devices thus cleaning your phone and gadgets regularly can help reduce the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, avoid using your phone or reduce the number of times you touch it to protect yourself. Alternatively, wear recommended gloves if you really have to use specific tech devices.


Color-code your cleaning towels and cloths

Color-code all your cleaning cloths and towels lest they end up in the office kitchen. Keep a particular color code for towels used for cleaning workstations different from those used to clean sinks and walls. Creating a color-coded cleaning solution will go a long way to prevent cross-contamination and keep Coronavirus at bay.

Lastly, do not believe everything you read or hear about disinfectants that claim to kill 99.9 percent of germs, including Coronavirus. As of now, none of these disinfectants has been proven to work against the new Coronavirus strain. This matter is still an open question as the various relevant agencies work towards finding an effective and lasting solution. In the meantime, use these workplace cleaning practices to keep Coronavirus at bay.

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