The Client

One of the perks of the West Village is the ever-evolving culture. Maintaining the rhythm of steady change, a new tenant recently took over a former liquor store to create a modern restaurant and bar. Their aim was to blend the area's vibrant nightlife with a unique dining experience. The theme? French cuisine and all of its associated ambiance. The vision was to make the restaurant a cultural landmark that mirrors the West Village's artistic and historical essence. The client intended for the renovated space to not only cater to the tastes of gourmet diners, but also to become a hub for social interactions. The project was ambitious and bold, reflecting the lively, eclectic spirit of its neighborhood.


The Problem

Like anything worth doing, the project wasn’t without its fair share of challenges. The primary hurdle was obtaining the necessary permits without triggering changes that would require extra time and effort. The client’s main concern was changing the use of the space without having to acquire a new certificate of occupancy, which could delay the restaurant's opening and incur additional costs. 

The renovation needed to maintain the building’s original use and occupancy classifications to avoid triggering extensive regulatory reviews. If one oversight triggered an extra requirement or review, they would risk delays to the planned timeline, which was designed to capitalize on the peak tourist season. Delays in permitting could jeopardize the restaurant's ability to attract a strong initial customer base, making speed and accuracy in the compliance process critical elements of the project’s success.


The Solution

The project’s leaders needed a permit consultant familiar not only with permitting in the restaurant space but also with New York’s specific permitting requirements for renovations like theirs. Nexus Consulting confirmed that the existing certificate of occupancy permitted the new use and negotiated waivers to avoid a change in occupancy classification. 

The team meticulously reviewed the renovation plans to ensure compliance with all building codes, including accessibility and fire safety, and preemptively addressed potential DOB objections through careful planning and consultations. Their proactive strategies ensured that the renovation respected the building's architectural heritage while incorporating modern elements necessary for the restaurant’s operations and guest comfort. Most importantly, the plan ensured that the permits would be obtained quickly, allowing the construction team to start right away.


The Results

Through Nexus Consulting’s expertise and efficient management, the team secured DOB approvals within four weeks. The team was able to get started fast on construction, adhering to their original timelines without further delay. This allowed the restaurant to open on schedule and gain a competitive edge in the New York City dining market. 

The consultancy’s proactive approach and understanding of building codes minimized delays and regulatory hurdles, enabling the client to focus on business aspects like menu development and staff training. The new restaurant was then able to highlight what they’re best at, including elements like design and culinary offerings, establishing it as a vibrant addition to the West Village scene. The quick turnaround in obtaining necessary permits and ensuring regulatory compliance wouldn’t have been possible without Nexus Consulting’s role in enabling the client to realize their vision without compromise. Their collaboration and quick thinking cleared the way for the project's timely and successful execution.

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